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The intimate health of women is still a taboo in 2022. That is why Intimate Health wants to make women's intimate health a topic of discussion and thereby break the taboo on this theme. It's no secret that women have body hair, some women feel comfortable removing it and others prefer to leave it on. Fortunately, we can now decide for ourselves! Women who have hair removal are at the right place at Intimate Health. Permanent or not, we are there for all women!

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I've been using the menstrual cups for a while and I really like them. No more hassle with a tampon. Also good for the environment.
— Nienke
After going to the doctor for incontinence, I bought the cones. I train for a maximum of 15 minutes a day and I already notice results.
— Jansje
After a vaginal plasty I bought the dilation set. Beautiful colors and nice material.
— Robin

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"My goal is to let women experience that they can tell their story and that there is indeed a solution."

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