Hoe kom ik het beste af van m’n lichaamshaar?

How do I get rid of my body hair?

Tired of shaving every day? We totally understand that! That is why we have a device for you that permanently removes hair. Not for a summer, what can I say: no more shaving for a lifetime! Do you want that too?!
July 24, 2022
Self-Love: een relatie met jezelf is de beste relatie

Self-Love: a relationship with yourself is the best relationship


It is very difficult to love yourself as you can love other people. Try to think about what really makes you happy. It's nice to have someone by your side who contributes to this, but it's even nicer to be your own dearest partner. Read on to find out how you can achieve this. xoxo

July 04, 2022
3 redenen waarom je moet overstappen op menstruatiecups

3 reasons why you should switch to menstrual cups

Are you still unsure about using a menstrual cup? Read the three reasons to use a cup. We also tell you how to fold, insert and remove a menstrual cup.
June 20, 2022