Summer is in full swing and the thought of shaving every day, or even most days, is something you may not feel like at all. You are probably considering a longer term solution and there are certainly a number of options. Where until a while ago many women mainly waxed their bikini line and legs just before the summer to not have to worry about it anymore, there is now another hype that may be even more effective. How wonderful is it to never or hardly ever have to have hair removed again? This can be done through permanent hair removal.

If you want to switch from waxing or shaving to laser hair removal, there are really two options. You have different laser treatments in a salon or you do it yourself at home by means of an I PL hair removal device . The biggest difference is certainly in the price. In the salon the treatments are very pricey and it increases considerably due to the amount of treatments you need. In proportion, an IPL hair removal device is much cheaper, you pay a one-time amount after which you can do as many treatments yourself as necessary. For example, you can also purchase the device with your mother or a friend. Once the body hair is gone, you don't really need the device anymore and you can probably make someone else very happy with it.

What hair removal options are there and what are the drawbacks?

Many women are satisfied with the results they get from shaving, it is super smooth and the skin feels great. A lady shaver is often used to create beautiful smooth legs. Only this super smooth fine feeling is usually only for one day. Then the stubble comes back. When we look at the skin, it is often a bit drier. There may be irritated bumps on the skin and itching may occur. To reduce these irritations, you can use the After You Shave spray . It contains panthenol and aloe vera that promote anti-inflammatory work and the production of new skin cells.

Take a look at what other options there are, for example hair removal cream. There is 10 minutes in a thick layer of cream on your skin, which dissolves hair just below the surface. While this can be a good option for smoothness that lasts for a week, the creams can inevitably smell bad and if left on too long they can burn your skin. Hair removal creams contain acid to wilt and destroy the hair, leaving you with smooth skin. What you also often notice that when you remove the cream, not all hairs have disappeared.

And then we have resins. This is a popular hair removal option that uses a type of molten resin to squeeze the hair out of the hair follicles, leaving you with smooth skin for weeks. Although it can be quite painful when the wax is pulled from your skin, it is actually healthier and gentler on the skin than shaving. Waxing also removes dead skin. The advantage of this is that you have longer hair free.

Hair-free for a longer period of time or forever?

If you really don't feel like shaving your body hair on a daily basis, you can compare the benefits of waxing and IPL hair removal.
Waxing is a good method for immediate hair removal, in which IPL hair removal at home takes quite a few weeks, but the result is that you don't have to worry about it anymore. Although your waxing results will last for weeks, you run the risk of getting burns from the wax, or a less pleasant experience from an inexperienced waxer. Lasering the body hair is also not completely painless, but it is much more portable.
Waxing is a lot cheaper per session, but you should continue to wax as long as your body hair continues to grow. An IPL hair removal device may be a bit pricey to purchase, but this is only a one-time investment.

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July 24, 2022

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