What is self love?
What is self love? Well, at some point I realized that I didn't want to become a "better" version of myself, but a happier version. This brought me to the question: what actually makes me happy? In recent years I was firmly convinced that a partner would make me happy. But I've reconsidered this opinion - just in time for it this year.

Self Love: How To Practice Self Love
I still think it contributes to happiness in life to have a partner by your side who makes life a little more exciting, more fun, more beautiful and more sparkling. A jar and the lid are both round things. And for a few months now, I also have someone who definitely has "lid" potential. It's fun, no doubt about it. Yet I am aware that in the future I also want to be the whole unit solo. I want to be my own best friend, my partner in crime and my dearest partner.

It's simple: I know that I have to love myself sincerely in order to love other people. I feel really good when I treat myself the way my great love should be treated. And I toast to that, a very special relationship in 2022: the one with myself.

learning self love
From now on I will love, respect and honor myself until death do us part... Well, easier said than done. While we usually treat our friends and partners generously, patiently, and lovingly, we treat ourselves as a teacher treats their student. Especially because we recognize that other people are allowed to make mistakes and that sometimes we have to let go of things.

But when it comes to ourselves, perfectionism comes into play. We can't make mistakes, everything should always be tip-top. As a result, we constantly beat ourselves up and love ourselves too rarely. So the biggest challenge is to wrap up perfectionism now and practice gentleness, kindness and patience. And do it to ourselves. It takes some time, but it can be learned. I promise. And once you have this duty, then comes the freestyle...

Tips for self love
Not constantly beating yourself up is step one on the way to a healthy and happy relationship with yourself. But there are a few other tricks I'd like to share with you.

Explore and pamper your body – it's your temple
Our body is our foundation, our most important possession. And yet we often don't treat it the way it deserves. For healthy self-love it is important to celebrate your body. To spoil it with good food, enough rest and joy. And it's important to really understand it. Fortunately, the exploratory phase is a lot of fun, because self-love is the key. If you have regular solo sex, you know every hot spot and every need of your own body. So you can put that on your to-do list for this year.

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Try new sex toys – they'll take your me-time to another level...
Regular solo sex is healthy and makes you feel good about your body. But to keep this from becoming a routine, it's always a good idea to get some tech helpers on board. And the world of sex toys is growing and growing, the offer is huge these days. The vibrating egg is on my wish list for this year. One that you can operate yourself for maximum enjoyment.

Be honest with yourself
I think the cornerstone of a good relationship is honesty. This also applies to our relationship with ourselves. Those who genuinely love themselves are also able to pause, reflect, and also deal with self-criticism. Solving problems clears the way to be absolutely at peace with yourself.

Have fun and treat yourself
For many people it is important in a good relationship to have fun together, do beautiful things and really enjoy it. Sure, this is especially fun in a couple, but you might as well do it alone. For my relationship with myself, I made it a point to treat myself well – just as I would with a partner. That means good food, wellness, adventure, lots of laughter and lots of self-love.


July 04, 2022

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