A healthy and satisfying sex life doesn't have to be a distant memory. Sexual pleasure and intimacy contribute to physical and psychological health and well-being, regardless of your age. Sex boosts your immune system, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps you sleep better, improves heart health, and reduces depression and anxiety.

Plus it's fun!

Being open to trying new things and new positions can be just what you need if you suffer from an injury, stiff joints, or have trouble lifting and moving too much. Whether you're older or not, having great sex will keep you intimate with your partner over the years.

Especially for these people, in addition to the well-known missionary position, we have the best positions to try out if you want to leave the acrobatics to the younger generation.

The big and small spoon
Spooning isn't just for cuddling, it's also a great sex position. Both partners rest comfortably on their sides, making sure no one cramps or loses momentum by switching positions. Regardless of your age, this position is perfect for being extra close to your partner.

Another advantage of this position is that the hands are free for extra stimulation. Pay a little extra attention to your partner's erogenous zone.


doggy style
Most will already know this popular position. In Doggy style, the woman sits on her hands and knees, and her partner stands or sits behind it. This position is perfect for stimulating the inner upper walls of the vagina, also known as the G-spot. This position does not put any strain on the back, so neither will get back pain. Use pillows to support the arms and knees if necessary.

Here too, the arms of the rear partner are free and extra attention can be paid to stimulating erogenous zones.

doggy style

The scissor position
Sounds complicated, but the scissor position is actually easier than it looks. It also gives you more control over your hips - and keeps your weight evenly distributed along the length of the side of your body. There is no undue pressure on your hips and any partner can slow things down when necessary.

If you feel comfortable enough, one partner may try to sit up while the other remains reclined. This can help get a little more power behind the punches.


Use accessories
Sometimes the right position doesn't cover your needs, but that certainly isn't a reason to give up sex. This means it's time for more creativity, such as using a sex toy. This can be a vibrating bullet like a rechargeable bullet or a flexible wand like vaginal massager , the right toy can make the intimate moments more fun!

vaginal massager

Rechargeable Bullet

July 12, 2022

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