Intimate Health is there to improve women's sexual health. Intimate Health products will not only address the vaginal discomforts, but also improve self-image and overall sexual experience

What we do

Intimate care line
Intimate Health has set up an intimate care line to make sex enjoyable again for everyone. Women who suffer from vaginal complaints, such as urinary incontinence, coccyx pain, vaginismus, pain during sex or back pain can use information and the intimate health products to improve their complaints and feel more confident.

Depilate your armpits and bikini line or not? Fortunately, as a woman you can choose what you feel comfortable with! We at Intimate Health can help the women who want to remove body hair in this process. Permanently laser your hair away or rather remove low-threshold body hair. Buying razor blades is a thing of the past, because Intimate Health has razors for longer term.

Breaking Taboo
Women often do not dare to talk about vaginal issues, they are ashamed or afraid of reactions. Pelvic floor problems or painful sex are topics that are often not discussed. Intimate Health wants to create a trusted environment where women can openly ask questions or talk about their vaginal issues.

give confidence
Sexual health encompasses much more than being able to have sex or avoid disease. Sex is an important aspect of your overall health and well-being. It can affect physical and emotional health. Intimate Health offers health products and information to help women regain confidence in their own bodies.